What Do We Offer


Full Financial Planning
Limited Advice

We offer a variety of advice services including:


  • Full Financial Planning

  • Bespoke On-going Service

  • Transactional i.e. workplace pensions or arranging life assurance

  • Limited Advice on a particular area i.e. pension or investment review

This can be based on an advice basis or a non advice/execution only.


Non Advice / Execution only


The transactional service merely undertakes a financial transaction at your specific request and is processed on an execution only basis. You will have made this decision yourself. You will be provided with the relevant illustrations, product brochures (including key features documents) and application form (s).  We will not provide any comment on the product or its suitability for you. You will be asked to put your explicit instructions in writing.


Where you select your own investments or protection policies and are not receiving any advice from us as to their suitability or merit, then you take responsibility for those investments’ and policies’ suitability to your circumstances and requirements. If we agree to arrange such self selected investments or policies for you, we may do so subject to an ‘appropriateness test’ to confirm your understanding of the nature of the investments and the risks involved. If you are making an investment following an offer made to you, without consideration of your specific circumstances (direct offer), you will also then be taking responsibility for the investment’s suitability to your circumstances and requirements.

If you specifically instruct us that you do not to wish to discuss a particular area of financial advice, and that area should not form part of the advice given, this will be considered to be ‘limited advice’.  In which case, the standard advice process stages (in the next section), will be followed but specifically in relation to the requested area. You must be aware that if you limit the information provided, this may detract from the completeness of the advice given, and that any information not disclosed could affect how appropriate that advice is to your circumstances.

As the title suggests, this comprehensive financial review takes into account all of your requirements as opposed to concentrating on one or two areas. This approach is where you can utilise our adviser’s skills and experience of financial planning in full.



Advice Services

The service levels we offer range from a highly Bespoke On-going Service focussing on the client's needs and objectives to a basic Transactional (sometimes with no advice and on-going service). At the initial meeting we discuss with our clients their requirements assisting them to identify which of our services is preferable and outlining a future plan. You are not obligated to any service before you sign the relevant service section in the Client Agreement and Service Agreement.